Beer City? Arts & Craft city? I think Local Food City is the next title for Asheville. Since opening the doors of Early Girl Eatery in 2001, we have been committed to using local food. Since 2001, the food scene in Asheville has grown to a nationally acclaimed hot spot. The farm to table food philosophy has drawn attention from outsiders and locals, alike. The Wall Street restaurant scene is no exception.

Wall Street boasts a number of amazing restaurants: the Laughing Seed, Market Place, Cucina 24, MG Road and Wall Street Coffee Shop. We count ourselves fortunate to be part of such an elite group. All of these businesses are locally owned and operated.

All of the Wall Street restaurants are an ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project) Appalachian Grown partners.

Appalachian Grown Logo, look for it around Asheville to support the local food movement.

Appalachian Grown is a ASAP program that certifies food and agricultural products grown or raised on farms in Western North Carolina and the southern Appalachian Mountains. Early Girl Eatery has been part of the Appalachian Grown program since its inception.

In 2002, only 12 Asheville restaurants were using locally grown food. Earlier this year, the number of restaurants using locally sourced food was up to 125 and growing.

By using certified Appalachian Grown food, each of the restaurants are getting a product that was grown or raised in our region by a local farmer. What does this mean? It means that the restaurants are buying a product that is fresher, better tasting, and more nutritious. It means the Wall Street restaurant scene is supporting a local food system that contributes to the local economy, that is better for the environment, preserves the farming heritage of Appalachia, and protects our mountain landscape.

Radishes growing on the farm at Green Toe Ground.

MG Road lounge is the latest addition completing our street as a great restaurant destination.

They create artisan drinks and cocktails, and serve up small plate Indian themed appetizers. The space is nicely designed (mentions almost everyone on yelp!) MG Road is a welcome addition to Wall Street and the Asheville bar scene. Our staff loves to head over there after their shift and relax!

If you haven’t been up to Wall Street in a while. Check it out, we are on a roll over here.
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Read more about the Appalachian Grown program here

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