Early Girl is comfort food and there are plenty of menu options that sound just like what your grandma made. Once folks trust us with a cheeseburger or the pan-fired chicken they often look to step out of that comfort zone.

Every day our hosts and our servers get asked, “What is tempeh?” So here goes…tempeh is a cultured bean patty or a fermented soy product. It is a great source of both protein and vitamin B12 for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. As a fermented food it is easily digestible so that you finish eating feeling energized.

We are lucky to get our tempeh directly from Brian Moe at Viable Cultures. He has an excellent website full of information on fermented foods and their value to your diet and our environment. Brian also makes the sauerkraut that we use with his tempeh on the tempeh reuben. Honestly I will eat the kraut alone it is so good. We use his tempeh in our vegan chili and it’s available with your eggs, grit and toast instead of bacon or on top of your salad. We cook the tempeh on the flat top grill after adding bbq style seasoning so it’s especially great on the sweet almond ginger salad. I hope this inspires you to not just ask about it next time, but to order it and enjoy it as well.

By the way I’m open for guesses on the most asked question.