Western North Carolina has long nourished a tradition of making beautiful things by hand. After developing handcrafting skills by necessity, remote mountain communities preserved these traditions until they evolved into the art and craft scene we know in Asheville today.

Asheville has enjoyed this thriving scene for over a century, and western North Carolina now boasts, according to recent data, the fourth-largest concentration of artist and craftspeople in the country! Those of us who have been a part of the downtown community for the past twenty years will not be surprised at this news.

At Early Girl, we are honored to bring a little of the local art scene into our dining room. Every few months we feature a new artist or maker on our (freshly painted!) walls. As a result, our guests get to enjoy the incredible quality and variety of the artists and craftspeople in our area, and often those creators, many of whom are newer to hanging shows, find a warm reception among both our local and far-traveling diners. From the bright, other-worldly paintings of Julie Armbruster (https://www.juliearmbruster.net/) to the witty, folktale-inspired panoramas of letterpress printer Jessica White (https://jessicacwhite.com/), the work of many fine locals has brightened the staff’s days and our guests’ dining experiences.

On our walls now are the drawings of Kimber Fowler, who describes her work and her approach here:

“It is not necessarily the best drawn or most beautiful illustrations that hold your attention. I’m currently apprenticing at Heart of Gold Tattoo in Hendersonville, NC. Each of these original drawings represents a break in attempting to draw perfection and allowing human error to come into the foreground.”

Come in and take a look at the amazing local work on our walls!