Buying local has been part of our mission since day one. As the years have passed we find this easier and easier to do. There are more sustainable small farms and local food producers than ever in Western North Carolina. We were recently approached by an amazing group that makes the commitment to buying local even more compelling. The 10% Campaign is sponsored by the Center for Environmental Farming Systems(CEFS) with support from Golden LEAF and North Carolina Cooperative Extension. Their aim is to get you and I, our neighbors and our neighboring businesses to pledge 10% of our food dollars locally. The logic behind it is 10% of the 35 billion a year spent on food would be 3.5 billion staying in your own community. It’s a no-brainer. Go to and make your pledge. The campaign will keep up with you and track your progress. Your $1.05 per day effects change and as the pledges add up CEFS can make sure our voices in support of local agriculture are heard. I am certain if you are reading this post you are already spending 10% on local food. This is an easy way to multiply our impact.