Farm To Table Cuisine

The farm to table movement celebrates fixing food with local ingredients, directly from the field to your table. The movement is popular and important for several reasons. First and foremost, food straight from the field tastes better. The fresher the ingredients the better the meal is. Local ingredients are also better for the environment as less travel means less energy consumption and less pollution. Also small farms tend to use more humane and environmentally friendly practices, raising free-range chickens, grass-fed beef and organic vegetables. Local farms also protect and enrich our culinary and agricultural culture, sowing heirloom seeds and raising heritage breeds so our table is enlivened by the same food traditions that nourished our parents, grandparents and beyond.

It’s all about community

Buying from your neighbors makes sense. You are able to help the local economy thrive and you know where your food comes from. Farm to table gives you both a feeling of belonging and the power of really knowing what you are eating. Western North Carolina is a tight-knit community where farmers are appreciated and we chose to open Early Girl in Asheville because local ingredients are treasured and readily available. We hope our menu inspires you to come back and to support great food and community agriculture both here and in your town.

Fresh food tastes better

We’re proud to feature products from Imladris Farm—a sixth generation family farm in nearby Fairview, NC. Run by Walter, Wendy, and Andy Harrill, the farm is known for their sustainable production of berries, pasture raised eggs, and sustainable forestry products. Their signature line of jams and preserves has a devout following and is made from fruit sourced on their farm and five other local small family farms.

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