For hundreds of years, up until the early 1800s, the English drank beer for breakfast.

We’re keeping the traditional alive. Fast forward 200 years and cross the “pond” to Asheville. Feast on our pan fried pork loin smothered in smoky Benton’s gravy with an Asheville Brewing Ninja Porter. The pork loin special comes will all the fixings you need: eggs, grits and toast, or a biscuit.

Keeping with the Early Girl tradition, the ingredients are regionally sourced. The grits come from in Boonville, NC. The eggs are fresh from Highlander Farm in Fairview, NC. The gravy is made using famous Benton bacon, a smoked in North Madisonville, Tennessee. Benton bacon is Hickory smoked, using an old-school wood stove. Asheville Pizza Company has been making the ninja porter for years and it’s a nice coffee -meets- chocolate combo.

Asheville has so many amazing brews, you gotta have a beer with every meal in Asheville or you will never try all of them! Early Girl Eatery serves breakfast until 9 pm Tuesday – Sunday, so you can get your beer and breakfast combo all day!

Coffee is a morning necessity, mimosas feel celebratory but beer with breakfast feels like Asheville. Come in and get your Asheville on at Early Girl!