About Early Girl Eatery®

Early Girl opened its doors in mid-October of 2001. Centrally located in downtown Asheville on historic Wall Street, the critically-acclaimed and locally beloved eatery offers delicious southern food in a casual, charming atmosphere.

Early Girl serves dinner Thursday through Saturday night with a well-crafted beer and wine menu and offers breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. Regulars’ favorites include pan-fried free range chicken with herb gravy for dinner, the local sausage and sweet potato scramble for breakfast and the almond and ginger salad almost any time.

Meet the Early Girl Owners:
Jesson & Cristina Gil

We share 6 wonderful children ages 6 to 27 and three cute dogs. We love big family dinners and the hustle and bustle of a big family.

Asheville’s great food scene, down to earth people, and beautiful weather drew us here. For us, we decided “why not live where you love to vacation.”

“Made From Scratch” is our motto

The menu relies heavily on the high-quality local produce grown in the area by family farms and community-supported agriculture (CSAs). Our cheeses and some of our meats are also produced and raised locally.

The menu changes periodically with the seasons, while the specials change daily. This enables us to better utilize the local ingredients available. We believe local food tastes better and sustains a healthy community. Made from scratch is the motto at the Early Girl, and our recipes reflect our background in southern cooking as well as our vast experience with vegetarian fare.

Josh Gray

Josh moved to North Carolina from the Phillippines when he was 12. He got his first restaurant job as a dishwasher at 14. It was there that he started learning the ropes. Many kitchen jobs and many years passed and Josh made it official enrolling in the ABTech Culinary Program to earn a “formal” degree. Some years after that we were lucky enough to land him in our kitchen. If you eat at Early Girl on a Saturday or Sunday brunch Josh will most likely be the one cooking your meal or making sure that the cooks on the line have what they need to cook your meal to our standards and your liking. Josh is a leader. He leads by example, putting out only high-quality food and keeping his cool under a hotline with a constant stream of orders coming in. His grace manages and inspires many different personalities and his talent leads to hundreds of delicious plates.

We’re not sure how he remains so calm under pressure. We do know he is inspired by his new wife, his travels and possibly The Game of Thrones. Early Girl employs over 40 people and each one of them respects Josh. He has earned that and we are so proud he continues to grow and inspire in our kitchen.